The Pledge

As a brotherhood organization of Servants, Soldiers & Heroes our goal is to purposely live in a way that makes the people connected to us feel loved, honored and respected, especially our wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters and women in general.

Can a man truly lead his woman and children if he’s still a child himself with childish thoughts, childish words and childish ways?

For every male that’s strong enough to live, act and think like a quality man, not a selfish little boy, we ask you to join us in our mission to Serve, Honor & Protect women and “Take the Pledge”.

I (insert your name), Do Solemnly Pledge to Honor and Respect Women. I Will Strive at Every Possible Instance to Be a Gentleman. I View Every Woman as a Gift.

Despite How a Woman Treats Me, I will Speak Kindly to Every Woman I Encounter and Treat Them with Respect and Honor Because I Have No Idea What Type of Hurt She May Have Experienced in Her Life from a Male and How It May Have Affected Her.

Because I am a Strong Man of Honor, Respect and Love, I will Not Emotionally Abuse, Physically Abuse or Sexually Abuse a Woman. I will Protect Every Mother, Every Sister, Every Daughter and Every Wife from All Forms of Abuse.

I Will Be An Example to Other Men on What it Means to Be a Man that Serves, Honors, Protects, Respects, Values and Appreciates Women.

This, I Pledge and Agree to Today (insert today’s date) As A Man of Honor before Heaven & Earth.

Please share this pledge on your social media, with friends and other brothers so that together we can treat our women, wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters and children with the love, honor and respect they deserve. Thanks so much!

If you’re a guy that desires to positively impact the world around you, please consider joining our mission to create Heroes today!

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