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Online CENTRY™ League Community & Brotherhood Terms and Conditions:

As an organization, everything we do within The CENTRY™ League, LLC is based on the Christian standards and principles of Faith, Hope, Love, Service, Honor, Respect, Gratitude, Protection and Kindness along with other principles found within The Christian Bible. These concepts are especially geared towards the treatment, love and honor that we live by, teach, support and train males to show towards women and children. 

The ultimate purpose for The CENTRY League Community & Brotherhood is to provide A Safe Place for Christians to seek God’s Purpose, God’s Plans and God’s Perspective in agreement with the unaltered Word of God as described within the Holy Bible. Genesis 2:15 GNT states, Then the Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and guard it.  Just as The Father told Adam to care for and guard the garden that was given to him, we all need to guard and protect what God gives to us in the forms of our family, wives, children and life’s purpose.

With that in mind, the following Terms and Conditions are in place to protect our community, brotherhood and mission in line with our focus to guard and protect our community and brotherhood from behaviors, beliefs and content that opposes or undermines our mission to Serve, Honor & Protect as Christ-centered Servants, Soldiers & Heroes that are Fruitful & Multiply.

Every member of our online community, and brotherhood, is required to conduct themselves in agreement with these terms and conditions as they interact with other members within The CENTRY™ League and the Online CENTRY™ League Community. Anyone found breaking these terms and conditions are subject to removal from the community with or without notice and may forfeit any membership fees and privileges.

The following actions, behaviors and content are prohibited and not allowed within the Online CENTRY™ League Community and Brotherhood:

  1. No Profanity and Vulgar Language: The use of profanity or offensive terms on any messages, forums, emails, posts, or any other comments is not allowed.
  2. No Disrespect: Content that expresses disrespect for or displays a negative viewpoint for any authority figures including parents, leaders, bosses, church leaders, government officials, etc. is not allowed.
  3. No Degrading Conversations or Topics: Conversations that disrespect, degrade or show a lack of appreciation for the opposite sex is not allowed.
  4. No Sexual Enticement: Sexual conversations designed to entice or inspire someone into sexual activity with someone other than their spouse is not allowed. This includes the sharing of any negative, hateful, sexual in nature, or pornographic material.
  5. No Bullying/Cyber Bullying: Anything that can be viewed as bullying, hate speech, or racial content against anyone of another lifestyle, race, background, or belief is not allowed.
  6. No Mockery: Any conversations meant to tear another person down through disrespect, sarcasm, teasing, mockery, etc. is not allowed.
  7. No Dishonor for God: Any content or conversations that express disrespect or dishonor for God, His Son Jesus Christ or His Holy Spirit is not allowed.
  8. No Content About Disbelief in God: Any creation or sharing of materials, conversations, or comments containing material that is atheist, agnostic, or promotes any form of witchcraft in nature is not allowed.
  9. No Witchcraft or Sorcery: Any content, comments or messages that promote witchcraft, sorcery or any magical arts is not allowed.
  10. No Harassment: Comments or behavior that would be considered as harassing, humiliating, intimidating, exposing, or threatening an individual or group is not allowed.
  11. No Hate Speech: Any content that can be considered racist, sexist, or uses any type of verbal slurs is not allowed. No hate speech, no words of disrespect, or conversations that shed a negative light on others are allowed. This includes hateful or disrespectful words related to or surrounding a person’s Age, Disability, Ethnicity, Gender Identity, Nationality, Race, Immigration Status, Religion, Sex/Gender, Sexual Orientation, Victims of a major violent event and their kin, Veteran Status or any other specific quality is not allowed.
  12. No Sexual Content: No members are allowed to send sexual messages or explicit content within the community. This will include any images or content that displays or alludes to the depiction of genitals, breasts, or buttocks (clothed or unclothed) for the purpose of sexual gratification or expression. This also includes all pornography or depicting sexual acts, genitals, or fetishes for the purpose of sexual gratification in any form including video, text, audio and images is not allowed. The only sexual content that is allowed must be specific to husband-and-wife relationships and meant to enhance their marriage and relationship.
  13. No Multi-level Marketing or Pyramid Business Models: While we support every member in their personal businesses, this community is NOT intended to build any business, or business model, where there are people at the top that prosper while others do not. Anyone found using our community to promote a multi-level marketing business model will be removed from our community and brotherhood.
  14. No Alluring Content, Messages or Intentions: Any content or persons with any perverted intention meant to lure, attract, or seduce boys, girls, children or minors in any way is not allowed. Any person, male or female, member, brother or visitor that tries to use our community to lure any young boys into destructive or sexual situations for the purpose of rape, molestation or sexual advances will be found and immediately reported to the authorities for prosecution. 
  15. No Political Content, in Favor or Against, Any Laws, Beliefs or Leadership: We are not a political organization, we are a brotherhood community. As a brotherhood community, we stress the need for unity and equality of all people under the principles of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We do not put confidence in man. Our hope is in God. Our focus within this brotherhood community is to pray for those in authority and speak unity as members of God’s Kingdom. No content based in personal opinions, beliefs or viewpoints around politics is allowed.
  16. No LGBTQ Promotions or Discussions: To protect our organization from falling subject to the same issues that have impacted the Boy Scouts of America, we do not participate in, promote or discuss any LGBTQ topics, relationships or content. For us to be effective in our mission, to create guys that Serve, Honor & Protect as Servants, Soldiers & Heroes, it is crucial that we remain “Laser Focused on Male and Female Content & Relationships Only”. Allowing any alternative lifestyles to be discussed within our community or brand would be a distraction that we cannot afford and do not understand as a heterosexual organization. With this in mind, we do not allow the promotion of, or negative speech against, any gay, lesbian, transgender, bi-sexual or any other alternative lifestyles or beliefs. Any content, posts, messages or discussions around these topics or lifestyles is not allowed and will be immediately removed from the community “Without Notice” along with the individuals involved. The ONLY types of LGBTQ content or discussions that are allowed within our community are those intended to help victims of rape, molestation or abuse heal and move past any pain or trauma they have experienced so they can become the Children of God they have been called to be.
  17. No Hurtful or Negative Advice: Any advice, suggestions, or content that may suggest or lead another person to hurt, harm, or endanger a woman, child, or anyone else is not allowed.
  18. No Illegal Content or Expressions: Any content that approves of the breaking of any law or standards of law is not allowed. This includes any illegal drugs, illegal actions, gang activity, gang affiliations, prostitution, human trafficking, sex trafficking, rape, abuse, pedophilia, domestic violence and any activity intended to steal, kill, hurt, destroy others in any way.
  19. No Disrespect of Women or Children: Any comments or material that disrespects women or children is not allowed. Any member found openly disrespecting women and children, will be in direct violation of who we are and what we stand for as an organization of men that love and honor our women and our children. These individuals will be subject to immediate removal from our online community.
  20. No Disrespect for Marriage and Family: We do not allow any content that speaks against the marriage union between men and women. We also don’t allow the promotion of adultery, abuse, domestic violence, fornication or casual sex outside of marriage or dishonor for the opposite sex.
  21. No Racially Charged Posts, Comments, Discussions, Messages or Groups: No content, topics, messages or statements that highlight the oppression, actions, negativity or superiority of any racial group is allowed within The CENTRY League community and brotherhood. As an organization, we focus solely on creating unity between men and women, of different nationalities, from different communities and with different experiences as one united people who love and submit to One Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With that in mind, we do not allow any discussions about slavery, oppression, superiority, hatred or division within our community. All content, conversations and discussions within our community must have the intention of creating unity and oneness only. As an organization, we believe that focusing on the past, or the negative actions of others, takes our hearts and minds back to the past and keeps us from becoming the united people Our Heavenly Father has called us to be. So, we reserve the right to “Delete Without Notice all conversations, discussions, groups, messages and members focusing on slavery, oppression, hatred or its affects from our community and brotherhood. This will also result in the forfeiture of any payments or status earned within The CENTRY League. Proverbs 23:7 NKJV says, For as he thinks in his heart, so is he… With this scripture in mind, as an organization we will not be a part of content, conversations or topics that take the hearts and minds of our brothers and members back to times of pain, hatred and division within our country or world. We believe what scripture says in Romans 12:19, Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. As an organization, we believe that God will repay every demonic force, wicked person and destructive organization for any past, present and future racist or hate filled acts, thoughts, lifestyles and laws. As an organization, brotherhood and community, we will only allow content that agrees with Philippians 4:8 where it says, Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things. Any person that cannot abide within these terms should NOT be a member or brother of The CENTRY League community, brotherhood or brand. 

We strive to be the best we can be by focusing on how we can better Serve, Honor & Protect our wives, children, families and communities. To do this, we spend 50% of our time minding our business and 50% of our time leaving everyone else’s alone. 

Keep in mind that we are a community of individuals from different walks of life and experiences that desire to encourage and support each other. We are not a community of licensed doctors, psychologist or therapist. What we are is a Christian based Brotherhood Organization that endeavors to support and encourage individuals and especially guys to Choose Greatness in life. Any advice or council given within our community is from a general experience, life coach training and Christ centered beliefs and experiences, unless clearly expressed. For any issues of extreme mental illness or concerns, please consult a licensed professional immediately.

Please note that these guidelines are especially required for every CENTRY™ Official brother, lead, guest speaker, leader, and team member. Any team member or CENTRY™ lead or member found NOT following these guidelines will forfeit their connection to our brotherhood organization and any financial compensation, rewards, or credits that may be in place.

Finally, we ask each member of our community and brotherhood to help us create and maintain a community that builds and supports each member and creates an atmosphere of love and honor especially towards women and children. If any member sees anyone that does not adhere to these guidelines, we ask that they please report them to the CENTRY™ League, LLC by CLICKING HERE ASAP.

We need everyone that connects with our purpose and vision to help us to remain focused on our goal of creating guys that Serve, Honor & Protect women, children, families, marriages, communities and the world as modern-day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes that are fruitful and multiply in every area of their lives.

Thank you for adhering to these terms and conditions as a member of the Online CENTRY™ League Community and Brotherhood. Together we can impact the world!


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Updated March 9th 2021

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