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Why We Serve, Honor & Protect

It’s our beliefs, desires and motives that lead us to the actions and behaviors we take in life. A person can be selfish in one moment, and giving the next; helpful to one person, and hateful to another; while respectful in one instance and disrespectful in another.

The reason we believe that it’s so important to Serve, Honor and Protect is because these three mindsets and actions are not only beneficial actions to take and ways to live, but they’re also beneficial to the one who performs them. For example, the person that gives, not only benefits the person that receives from them, but they also benefit from the life experience of giving and of having a positive impact on someone else’s life. They also benefit from creating opportunities for someone to give to them, as a result of the generosity they have shown to someone else.

To further express this, let’s quickly give 3 Reasons Why We Believe it’s so Important to Serve, Honor & Protect.

Why We Serve
serve [surv] verb – to act as a servant; to render assistance; to be of use; to help; to be of assistance to another;

When You Serve:
   1. You endear yourself to another person through your acts of service.

   2. The act of serving opens your heart and mind to the needs of others.
   3. Your life expands because of the positive impact you have on someone else’s life.

Why We Honor

honor [on-er] verb – to hold in high respect; to show reverence for: to show a high regard for worth or merit.

When You Honor:
   1. You have high levels of esteem for, and place great value on, the importance of others.
   2. You display your personal level of honor. You can’t give honor to others, if you don’t have honor within you.
   3. You set yourself up to be honored by others, because of the honor you give others.

Why We Protect

protect [pruh-tekt] verb – to defend or guard from attack, invasion, loss, annoyance, insult, etc.; cover or shield from injury or danger. to provide, or be capable of providing protection.

When You Protect:
1. You express the importance that another person or thing has.
2. You safeguard important people and things from experiencing hurt or loss.
3. You become a person that has the heart, mind and actions that our world needs; A Hero. 

As an organization, we within The CENTRYTM League believe that purposely living to Serve, Honor & Protect helps us to have a positive impact on those around us and on the world we live in.

If you’re a male that desires to positively impact the world around you, please consider joining our mission to create Heroes today!

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