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Welcome to the Online CENTRYTM League Community & Family! We’re So Excited That You’re Here!

This CENTRY™ League Online Community & Brotherhood is dedicated to inspiring, training and supporting individuals, and especially males, to show love, honor and respect for women, children, families and the community. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to encourage, support and inspire you to CHOOSE GREATNESS in life. Please remember to check the email attached to your account for receipts and membership information.

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The goal of The CENTRY™ League is to inspire, equip, encourage and support males to pursue greatness as they live by the core values to Serve, Honor & Protect their women, children, families, communities and world around them as modern-day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes.
We believe that as we help males learn to Serve, Honor & Protect women, children, families and the community the entire world will change because as men and brothers, we are…Stronger Together | Weaker Apart
Read the rest of Our Purpose, Mission Statement and Vision HERE.
As an organization, everything we do within The CENTRY™ League, LLC is based on the Christian standards and principles of love, service, honor, respect, gratitude, protection and kindness. These concepts are especially geared towards the treatment, love and honor that we live by, teach, support and train males to show towards women and children.
Every member of our online community is required to conduct themselves under these guidelines as they interact with other members and within the Online CENTRY™ League Community with respect, love, and honor and to honor our organizational goals to serve, honor, and protect as servants, soldiers, and heroes.
Every member should be familiar with and agree to these terms. To view them, please click HERE. Any member, paid or free, found breaking these terms will be removed from the community and foreit any fees paid.
To report anyone that is not adhereing to these guidelines, contact us immediately by CLICKING HERE, ASAP!
Thank you for adhering to these guidelines as a member of the Online CENTRY™ League Community and Brotherhood.


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This "Complete Your Profile" box will show up on the Activity Stream until your profile is complete. So, if you have not already, please complete your profile by adding a real-life picture of yourself and filling in the rest of the information. This will help the members of the community know a little more about you so we all can interact and support you a better.

Please Note: If you dont have information for a certain section, you can insert the "NA" or "No Answer" into the empty field.

Add a post to the “Activity Stream” to introduce yourself to the community so that the other members know you’re here and willing to interact and build connections. Each member helps us grow stronger!

Are you a guy in need of mentoring or support to help you adjust negative thoughts, enhance your relationships and make better choices? If so, we are here for you.

We offer Mentoring and Support to our members to help them Choose Greatness and live happier lives. To begin the process, please select the image below that fits your age range.

The more you interact with the community on a regular basis to build up Points, Awards and Achievements to increase your rank within the community. You will also be able to use your points for special offers when they become available. View the available Points, Achievements and Ranks Below:


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For a full list of all the Points, Achievements and Levels that members can earn and use within our community, please CLICK HERE.

The “Todays Thought” quote, or thought, at the top of the Activity Feed, is designed to get us talking as a community. This thought changes daily and gives you an opportunity to share your opinions, viewpoints or questions with the community. It also allows other members to engage with you while you earn points.
So every time you see “Today’s Thought”, please share “Your Thoughts”. 🙂 
Visit our Online Store to get Your Own Gear to represent your commitment to the world to pursue greatness and support our mission to create a worldwide brotherhood and community with the mission to Serve, Honor & Protect. 

Would you like to save an Icon the Online CENTRY Home Screen of your IOS Device for Quick Access? If so, please CLICK HERE for step by step instructions.

Our courses aren’t meant to be difficult. We purposely take simple concepts and explain them in as much detail as we can, to support and assist those connected to us. However, just because the concepts are simple, doesn’t mean they’re easy. For example, a simple concept is that “A Man Should Love and Honor A Woman.”. However, that concept can be hard to apply if a man is dating or married to a woman that disrespects, dishonors and/or treats him like a child. So, CLICK HERE to read through our 8 Keys to CENTRY Course Success

We currently use the ZOOM platform to conduct our online sessions. The web browser client will download automatically when you join your first Zoom meeting. It’s also available for manual download, HERE.
You can also download the ZOOM app for IOS, HERE and the ZOOM App for GOOGLE, HERE.

As a community member, you have the option of taking one of our free or included membership courses. This will allow you to interact with our content and learn more about the heart and purpose of our community to Serve, Honor & Protect. To see a full list of our current courses, CLICK HERE.

A Group Session is a scheduled online session where a CENTRY Lead will guide a group of members through a specific course, book or topic, to help further understanding and create discussions around the content or topic. These sessions also are intended to build connections and fellowship with other brothers and members. Every STANDARD Member and above, has the ability to join a scheduled Group Session. Each session is open to a limited number of participants at a time. So please join in on a Group Session today to further connect with the content, a mentor and other members of our community.


Do you understand how important it is to love and honor women?
Post to the Loving Her Forum with your questions, concerns, heartbreaks and issues concerning the Gift the is Women so we can support, encourage and assist you in your viewpoints and relationships now and in the future. To access this forum CLICK HERE.
Do you want to discuss a topic? Is there something going on in your life that you would like to talk about?
Post to the Let’s Talk Forum and share what’s going on in your mind and heart. Share anything from dating, sex, bullying, or whatever you need to talk about. We’re here for you, if you let us be. To access this forum CLICK HERE NOW

Is there something you want to talk about that’s extremely personal and you would like to schedule a One on One with a CENTRY League Team Member?

If you’re a STANDARD member and above, included with your membership is a monthly 1 on 1 Session with a CENTRY League Team Member. you can fill out our Online Form to schedule your One on One by visiting our 1 on 1 Page HERE. Individuals with BASIC Memberships can submit their questions and concerns HERE.

As part of your membership, you have access to our Community Links pages which has a list of links to additional videos, books, websites, resources, and etc that we believe will assist you in life. To access the list click HERE or select the “Community List” link from the side menu.

To learn more about who we are and how we think as a community, make sure to read our blog posts and leave comments to share your thoughts and insights with other members. Access of blog by clicking HERE

Find someone you can help with a kind word and let someone help you. But to do this you must interact with other members of the community and let us know how we can help and support you. Also, if there’s something you can add or share with another member, please don’t be shy. You may have something to share that will help someone else in their

Also, if you find this community beneficial, please invite your friends so they can also try a FREE – NO RISK 30-Day Membership so we can grow and create more individuals, and especially males, that Serve, Honor & Protect. You can send out invites to friends easily by going to the “Email Invites” Section of your user profile area.

Are you a Single Mom that would like insight from a positive males perspective concerning your son?
Our Single Mom Support Group is where single moms can share their thoughts and concerns to allow us as an organization to share insight and support from a male’s perspective. We love Moms and are here to support them. To access this forum CLICK HERE NOW.
Under the MOM Directed Membership, you can setup 1 Sub Account for your son. While under the MOM Supported Membership, you can setup 3 Sub Accounts for your children.
To setup your Sub Account, please login to your “Account”. Once on your Account Page, Under the Memberships Tab, look for the “Update”, “Change Plan”, “Cancel” and “Sub Accounts” Option Links. Click on the “Sub Accounts” link. On the next page click the “ADD SUB ACCOUNT” button to enter the email and password information of you

As part of our mission to support Single Moms, we have created a list of links that we feel will support the Moms connected to our community. Please check this list often as we update it frequently. To access our Moms List, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

If you really want to be a part of our community and are under 18, can’t afford the membership fee or are from a low-income home, please apply for an OPEN Membership by clicking HERE!


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