Our Dynamic MINDSET Next Level Coaching & Guidance Program is designed to help mentor and guide males through the process of developing positive mindsets around the areas of: Confidence, Thoughts, Influences, Forgiveness & Selfishness.

“What Are Your Thoughts Leading You To Do?”

“Happiness depends on your mindset and attitude.” ~ Roy T. Bennett

Our mindsets are composed of the thoughts and ideas that we think. Which all lead us to our actions and habits. By allowing a Centry Lead to coach and guide you in reference to your mindset, we strive to help assist you in how you see yourself and the thoughts you think in a way that will help benefit your life and the life of those around you.

This “Dynamic Mindset” Next Level Coaching & Guidance Program focuses on the areas of:
  • Confidence,
  • Thoughts,
  • Influences,
  • Forgiveness &
  • Selfishness
Our Coaching Sessions, Will Help You:
  • Understand how your needs are just as important as the needs of others;
  • Learn how to grow in love so you can give love to those around you;
  • Examine your own thoughts and motives to see how they affect you and your relationships;
  • Find personal ways to look upward for strength and purpose;
  • Become the type of man that your girlfriend, wife and children need and long for;
  • Develop your own set of values, based in God’s Word, that you will live your life by;
  • See the value in Serving, Honoring and Protecting others while growing as a person;

This Next Level Coaching & Guidance Program is great for those males who are having issues with how they think and how they act. We as an organization want to help you or someone you know, evaluate the things that cause our behavior to create a male that lives as a Servant, Soldier & Hero.

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** This Course Comes Included w/Any NEXT LEVEL Coaching Session. **

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Course Includes

  • 48 Sections
  • 33 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate