CENTRY™ Training Program

For those who wish to become part of the CENTRY™ League as an Offical Brother and receive training, support, and development in the ways of a CENTRY™, this is for them only.

CENTRY™ Official Training & Development Program

The CENTRY™ Official Training & Development Course and Program is our online course and program designed to guide males, both young and old, through the standards and principles needed to operate as an Official Member and Brother of The CENTRY™ League as an Official CENTRY™. This extensive training and development program is only for those ready and willing to SERVE, HONOR & PROTECT as Modern-Day SERVANTS, SOLDIERS & HEROES that desire to be Fruitful & Multiply in their everyday lives.

“He That Is Greatest Among You Shall Be Your Servant.”

As A Brotherhood Organization, We Inspire, Create, Support and Train Guys to Serve, Honor & Protect as Modern-Day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes That Are Fruitful & Multiply.

Our ultimate goal for every Official CENTRY™ Member and Brother is for him to find connection, accountability and support as a member of The CENTRY™ League, both online and in person, where he can fellowship and connect with other CENTRY Brothers in Christian based units that consist of at least 5 members/brothers. For those who wish to become part of the CENTRY™ League but there are not other CENTRY Brothers in his area, he will always have our online brotherhood where he can connect with other brothers, along with training, support, and development in the ways of a CENTRY™. He may also become a point of contact for a future CENTRY™ League Unit to be developed in his area.

This CENTRY™ Official Training is based on THE CODEX: THE CENTRY™ CODE OF CONDUCT. Within this Manual are detailed explanations of how each brother is expected to live, think and act as he Serves, Honors & Protects as a Servant, Soldier & Hero. As part of this training, each Recruit is required to have a physical copy of THE CODEX that he will fill out and bring with him to his official CENTRY Initiation Ceremony if he completes his Recruit Training. (An additional cost of $24.99 is required for the printing, shipping & handling of each CODEX Hardcover Manual)

THE CODEX explains the core beliefs and expectations that each CENTRY™ Brother is required to operate by as a member of The CENTRY™ League. This training includes:

  • The “iCORE”: The 3 Core Identities of a CENTRY™ which are to pursue the identity and mindset of a Servant, A Soldier & A Hero; and,
  • The “aCORE”: The 3 Core Actions of a CENTRY™ which are to display the actions and lifestyle to “Serve, Honor & Protect.”

As an organization, we understand that we are:

This Official Training & Development is only for active members of the Online Community in good standing.

This Training & Development Program is only available every 3-6 months for a select group of brothers. If you’re a member of our community and would like to be notified when the next session will begin, click the link below and complete the interest form.


Not A Member Yet?

For each CENTRYTM League Recruit, their own copy of THE CODEX MANUAL is required for them to input their answers for discussion and review. You may also use a separate notebook or pad if you like.

We suggest this because we want each person to get the most out of the course and because of how we believe that writing things down will help the content and material to attach to a participant's heart, mind and actions.

The CENTRY CODEX is not available for resale. Each Recruit will receive a link to order their own copy before their official training begins.

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