• 24 Sections

    CG0: GREATNESS Complete Series

    Our Online Courses and Workbooks included within the Choose Greatness Program are designed to help instill the types of principles and standards that help lead individuals to a life of Greatness.

  • 18 Sections

    CG1: Constructive THOUGHTS

    Your thoughts will either construct or they will destroy those things that are important in your life. So, what kinds of thoughts are you thinking?

  • 15 Sections

    CG2: Productive WORDS

    The words you speak have a lasting impact on yourself and the people around you. So, what kinds of words are you speaking?

  • 14 Sections

    CG3: Excellent DECISIONS

    Sometimes we make hasty decisions that have a lasting and negative impact in our lives. However, making excellent decisions is very easy when you have the proper set of standards in place to govern the decisions you make.

  • 21 Sections

    CG4: Beneficial HABITS

    Within the “Beneficial Habits: Developing Habits That Are Beneficial, Workbook”, our goal is to help you understand how a life of Beneficial Habits has a great impact on you and those around you.

  • 18 Sections

    CG5: Legendary CHARACTER

    People with character are more trusted, have better influence and make a positive impact on the world around them. This course and workbook is designed to help lead you through the understanding needed to create Legendary Character in your own life.

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    People with awesome relationships enjoy life more, than those that mistreat the people around them or are isolated from others. Many people that deal with depression or suicide, often find it hard to connect with others on an intimate level and open up through sincere honest relationships.

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    CG7: Pursuing PURPOSE

    Within this “Pursuing Purpose: Living Life in Pursuit of Purpose, Workbook”, our goal is to help you understand the importance of living everyday in a way that pursues purpose.

  • 17 Sections

    DAD: Forgiving What He Was; Becoming What He Was Not

    In the “DAD: Forgiving What He Was, Becoming What He Was Not” Book and Online Course, our goal is to help individuals, and especially guys, both young and old, address the hurts, disappointments and questions that surround DAD.

  • 18 Sections

    MANHOOD 15

    "Manhood 15" includes 15 Foundational Keys of Manhood”. This course is designed to share 15 principles that will help lead males towards embracing the concepts that truly create positive manhood.

  • 17 Sections

    The HERO Mindset

    In this Hero Mindset mini-course, you’ll learn 15 ways that you can develop the mindset needed to live as a modern day hero in your everyday life.

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    The HONOR of HER

    Honoring women helps men to grow in honor, value and essence themselves by the way they give love and honor to the women in their lives. In, “The Honor of Her – The Benefit of Honoring Her in Life & Relationship”, we discuss why it’s so important to treat women with honor and respect.

  • 24 Sections

    The POWER of TOUCH

    In the, "The Power of Touch: Your 14 Day Guide to a Stronger Relationship", online course we guide couples through simple exercises and concepts that use physical touch and openness over a 14 day, or 2-week period, to help them open up and relate to each other on a deeper more intimate level.

  • 24 Sections


    You have the STRENGTH As A MAN to respect your parents, submit to your leaders, honor and respect women, love your wife, raise your children and honor every person that you come in contact with. You just have to use it!