The 30 Day Unconditional Love Challenge

We believe that males have the ability to show more of God’s love than we think. God has given men the golden opportunity to be more like Him, if we would on purpose express unconditional love to others and especially our wives and women the same way He has expressed unconditional love to mankind. Men, would you like to test this theory? If so, try our 30 Day Unconditional Love Challenge. (Ladies, please feel free to try this as well)

Ok, so here it is…

Get a piece of paper and write out how you feel about yourself as a man and how you feel about your wife. Be honest, truthful, straight forward with yourself and don’t let anyone see it. Place the piece of paper in a sealed envelope and put it away somewhere safe where even she can’t find it. (You may want to give it to one of the guys to make sure it’s nowhere in the house, especially if you wrote some things that may get you in trouble.) Now, we challenge you for the next 30 days, despite how you feel or what she does, show her unconditional love on purpose. Do not ask for anything in particular. Don’t refuse anything she asks and make “no request” for 30 days. Only give and serve her. If it’s something that you can do for her, do it. If it’s something you can do for yourself and not ask her, don’t. You do it. You are not to ask or request anything from her for yourself personally, you are only to give and serve her kindness, service and affection.

Now, don’t just give what’s required like pleasant words. Every day, find at least three things to do for her that she has not asked for. If she asks you to do something and you do it, that doesn’t count. It must be something that you do for her without it being requested by her. You are on purpose showing love without it being required. In addition to that, every and we do mean every act of kindness that comes into your mind, just do it. Now these don’t have to be big things, actually small acts of service and kindness are the best. For example, get her a glass of water, bring her a flower, hold her hand, rub her feet, put gas in her car, iron her clothes. Just look around and you will always see something you can do for her just make sure you do at least three every day.

There are no limits on how many things you can do, but there is a limit on how many things you must do. Again, you must do at least three a day. Make sure you mark the calendar or set your watch, or whatever it is, so that you know when the 30 days are up. Now, after 30 days are up, get another piece of paper and write down how you feel about yourself as a man, and how you feel about your wife. Once you’re done, open the envelope and compare the two pieces of paper.

Do You Accept the Challenge?

So, what’s the difference in how you felt 30 days ago compared to how you feel now? Let us know. We would love to hear from you. There’s also a checklist online that you can download, print and use for 30-Days to track your progress.

For those who are actually strong enough to complete this challenge, we believe that you’ll begin to experience what it feels like to love unconditionally. To help you with your 30 Day Challenge, we have created the below worksheet in a PDF format for you to download, save and print absolutely free!

[click the image above to download your worksheet]

If you’re a guy looking for the type of connection that’ll help you make a positive and loving impact on your woman, your children and the world around you. Please consider connecting with us today!

What do you think? Are you a guy in need of connection? How do you connect as a guy with other guys? Do you have any positive male connections?

Connect with us today and let’s have a positive impact on our women, children and society together!

To Your Success…


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