8 Keys to CENTRY Course Success

Our courses aren’t meant to be difficult. We purposely take simple concepts and explain them in simple detail to support and assist those connected to us. However, just because the concepts are simple, doesn’t mean they’re easy. For example, a simple concept is that “A Man Should Love and Honor A Woman.” However, that concept can be hard to apply if a man is dating or married to a woman that disrespects, dishonors and/or treats him poorly. So please read the 8 Keys below for success with our courses.

8 Keys to CENTRY Course Success

#1 – Embrace & Apply the Simple Concepts

The concepts behind our courses aren’t meant to be hard to understand. They’re based on simple thoughts, ideas and actions that agree with our mission to Serve, Honor & Protect. However, just because they are simple, does not make them easy. So, once you understand the simplicity of each concept, it’s important to do the work to Embrace & Apply them to your life.

#2 – Use the Course Workbook

Most of our courses have a printed version of the content in a workbook format. We believe when our members and brothers use these workbooks to answer questions and activities, either as part of an online Group Session or alone, it helps them to connect with the concepts and apply them in their lives. Each course that has an accompanying book will be listed under the “Course Materials” section of the course.

We’ve created workbooks for each course because we want everyone that joins our brotherhood community to truly feel connected to every course they take. It’s been proven that writing things down helps to process emotions and enables a higher level of thinking. So, we want each person that participates in any of our courses to feel more connected to us as a brand and community and our mission to Serve, Honor & Protect.

We especially want to help males to understand and convey their own emotions so that they’re equipped to show understanding and concern for the emotions of their women, wives and children. For more information on the effects of writing things down, visit our Community Links Page.

#3 – When Possible, Go Through Content in Order

The content for each course has been laid out in an order that we feel is the best way to embrace the concepts. So, when possible, we suggest that you go through the content in the order it has been laid out. However, this might not be possible if you join a group session already in progress which is understandable. In this case please go back and complete any missed sections when you can. Also, please read each section fully before simply marking it “complete” and moving on. You will get out of it as much as you put into it.

#4 – Interact with Someone

We suggest you interact either within a Group Session or with someone else as you go through the courses. This gives you someone else for feedback as you answer the questions and activities. This will also help you to further connect with the material and it gives you an opportunity to build connections with others.

#5 – Be Honest with Yourself and Open with Others

As you go through the content and complete the questions and activities in the course Books and Workbooks, it’s important to be honest with yourself about where you are and what you should change or adjust. And if you’re going through the content with a group, please be open with them as well if you want to get the most out of the content and gain insight from others. We know this might be hard if you’ve never discussed your feelings before. That’s ok, but we want you to develop the skills needed to understand yourself so that you’re better equipped to understand others.

#6 – Complete All the Questions and Activities

The questions and activities located within each course are designed to help you embrace the concepts included. If you are not using one of the Course Books or Workbooks, please use a separate notebook or piece of paper to write down your questions and answers. Once again, writing things down helps you to connect the content to your heart and apply what you’ve learned to your life. It’s also a specific goal of how we’ve formatted our courses and materials to truly connect with our members on a very personal level.

#7 – Post Comments, Ask Questions & Help Others

As a brotherhood community, we understand that it’s our members that make it great. So, as you read the content, we ask you to post content that you like or enjoy, ask questions when you want feedback or don’t understand and help others as much as possible. All of this will make us a better community because We Are Stronger Together, Weaker Apart.

#8 – Practice and Remind Yourself What You’ve Learned

Once again, our CENTRY Courses aren’t meant to be difficult to understand, but they can be hard to apply. For example, saying, “You should forgive a person.”, is a lot easier than it is to actually forgive them. Our CENTRY Courses are designed to remind, inspire and instill the simple concepts needed for success in relationships and in life. So please revisit your Workbooks often to remind yourself of the content and your commitment to it. We want you to embrace the Greatness that’s already within you!

Thank you for taking the time to take with a CENTRY Course!
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